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2019 Tournament of Champions Berths

Championship Berth Information

Teams listed below have qualified for guaranteed entry into the 2019 New England Tournament of Champions.

Berths that are not paid for by Sunday, August 18th at 7:00 PM will be nullified and those team spots will go into general public registration for the Tournament of Champions.

Once your team spot has been paid for, NVC will enter your team into the Volley America tournament listing.  You can skip the normal Monday morning registration madness!

If the player you qualified with cannot play in the Championship, you may select another partner: anyone of your choosing that fits within NVC's normal eligibility rules.

If you qualified early in the season with a partner who then spent the rest of the season playing in a higher division, be aware that your partner will likely not be allowed back into the lower division for this tournament.

If your name is listed and your partner is TBD, it means that you qualified with a player who had previously secured a berth.  You will need to select another partner: anyone of your choosing that fits within NVC's normal eligibility rules.

If you do not want to play with the person you qualified with, you and your partner must decide who is getting the berth. You do not EACH get one.  If you cannot agree, your berth will be nullified.

Click the below link to make your team's payment

Warning: Only use the below link if you have won a guaranteed berth into the ToC.  Do not use this link to pay for Coed teams.

Organization Date Division Player 1 Player 2
Joust 2019-04-27 MAA David Weiand Joshua Fay
Joust 2019-04-28 WAA Alyssa Fidanza Jocelyn Stinson
Joust 2019-05-12 MO Johnathan Breen Dan Fanning
Sandbox 2019-05-18 MO Roger Parent Andy Wimmer
Sandbox 2019-05-18 WO Rebecca Viana Rachel Mulligan
Sandbox 2019-05-18 MAA Shawn Emelian Hugo Ortega
Sandbox 2019-05-18 WAA Ashley Atwood Eleni Tsaparakis
Sandbox 2019-05-25 MO Stephen Mackowiak TBD
Sandbox 2019-05-25 WO Christine Mahoney Jackie McKenna
Sandbox 2019-05-25 MAA Dennis Moore Matt King
Sandbox 2019-05-25 WAA Samantha Slonski Devyn Frank
Sandbox 2019-06-08 MO Ryan Bartlett Jake Fleming
Sandbox 2019-06-08 WO Laura Avena Cat Minyard
Sandbox 2019-06-08 MAA Jeff Moy Daniel Mitus
Sandbox 2019-06-08 WAA Emily Lebowitz Maddy Werth
NVC 2019-06-15 MO Dan Raffol TBD
NVC 2019-06-15 WO Karen Simpson Liz Pedro
NVC 2019-06-15 MAA Tim Meier Jeff Magalhaes
NVC 2019-06-15 WAA Tianna Quiambao-Panas Samantha Browning
NVC 2019-06-22 MO Matthew Whelan Joshua Ayzenburg
NVC 2019-06-22 WO Amanda Nappi Alycia Rackliffe
NVC 2019-06-22 MAA Alan Gobron Doug Gobron
NVC 2019-06-22 WAA Yun-Ting Lee April Brown
EEVB 2019-06-29 MO Kyle O'Neill TBD
EEVB 2019-06-29 WO Emily Burke TBD
EEVB 2019-06-29 MAA Jake Reed Colin Ritter
EEVB 2019-06-29 WAA Michelle Legatova TBD
Westerly 2019-06-30 WAA Sadie Weaver Brandi Glaza
NVC 2019-07-13 MO Jesse Butler Mark Bucknam
NVC 2019-07-13 WO Tess Ambrose TBD
NVC 2019-07-13 MAA Thomas Girard Nick Portelance
NVC 2019-07-13 WAA Katie Walsh TBD
NVC 2019-07-28 MO Jeff Schietzelt Tom Ambrose
NVC 2019-07-28 WO Maggie Kenney Vicky Wong
NVC 2019-07-28 MAA Loek Eggermont Justin Nelson
NVC 2019-08-10 MO Matty Ferriera Garrett Bucklin
NVC 2019-08-10 WO Maile Somera TBD
NVC 2019-08-10 MAA Skyler Kaufman Alex Raskind
NVC 2019-08-10 WAA Melissa Lail TBD
Sandbox 2019-08-17 MO Charles Siragusa Joshua Bigford
Sandbox 2019-08-17 WO Danielle Bourne TBD
Sandbox 2019-08-17 MAA Chance Rueger Brett Egri
Sandbox 2019-08-17 WAA Ashley Nee Stacy Miozzi

How Are Berths Awarded?

1. A berth will be awarded to top finishing team in each division at qualifying events.

2. A berth is awarded to the winning team. If the players want to play with different partners only 1 winning player receives the berth. If the players do not want to play together in the championship they must decide which player gets the berth. If they cannot agree neither player will get the berth and it may be offered to the 2nd place team.

3. If a team that wins a qualifier is comprised of a player who has previously won a berth and a player who has not, the player without a previous berth may select another partner and receive a berth in the championship.

4. If, during the course of the summer, a player wins berths in different divisions, he/she MUST play in the higher division at the championship, regardless of which berth was secured first.

5. A player who has previously declined a berth (claiming that he/she cannot play on the date of the flyaway) will not be eligible to win another berth later in the summer.

6. If the berth winner already has a spot in the Championship the berth will be awarded as follows:

a. 2nd place

b. If 2nd already has a berth, the two 3rd place teams will play a game to determine a winner. If the teams aren’t interested in playing an additional game, berth awarded to 3rd place team via coin flip.

c. If 1st, 2nd and both 3rd place teams already have berths, no berth will be awarded for that division.  Too big of a hassle to deal with 5th place teams!

7.  If a team that wins a berth in a qualifier has a player (or players) who would not normally be allowed to compete in that division in a NVC tournament, NVC reserves the right to involuntarily change the team's division for the Tournament of Champions competition.

8.  Teams that secure berths throughout the summer must pay in advance in order to secure them.  Berths that are not paid for by Sunday, August 18th at 7:00 PM will be nullified and those team spots will go into general public registration for the Tournament of Champions.

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