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George Xiong

George Xiong

League Director

Contact Me If... have questions about the league format, game format, subs, playoffs or rules

Hillary Dorgan

Hillary Dorgan

Night Coordinator

Contact Me If... have a question about the schedule or if you have a dispute with the league director

How do I get subs?

There are several ways to get subs in the league. Here is a rundown of possible avenues of getting a sub:

  • Ask someone in person at league. This is the easiest and most direct way
  • As part of the league you are automatically added to a public group with your league mates. You can use this group to send messages for subs. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Go to
    2. Login to your sport ngin account from the top banner
    3. Click on your username on the banner to open up the sport ngin drop down menu
    4. Click on Groups
    5. Find the league you wish to e-mail (called Sub Group> Men's A Newport) and click "Send Message"
    6. Select either "All" to send to all league members, or use "Selected" to choose which group members to message
    7. Create message and send
  • If you wish to email players from other leagues, try out the Message Hub
  • You may also e-mail players individually by going to a team roster, clicking on a player's name and using the contact link on their player profile.


The top 6 teams will qualify for playoffs.  Playoffs will be held August 7th (quarterfinals 7pm), August 14th (semi-finals 6pm), and August 21st (final 6pm).  This league's rain date is August 14th .