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Bylaw Proposals

By President, 10/17/18, 9:15PM EDT


Public posting of the proposed bylaw changes for the upcoming election

The following bylaw change proposals will be included in the upcoming election. In accordance with the current bylaws, these proposals are being posted for all members to have sufficient time to review prior to the election. Any questions or concerns about the changes can be directed to the board of directors (

Bylaw change 1

Article III:The mailing address of NVC shall be that of the current PO Box of NVC.”

Proposed Change: “The mailing address of NVC shall be posted in a public forum for all members to view”

Why change it: The decision of where NVC is officially registered and operates is a business decision made by the board. Maintaining a listed address in the bylaws creates an overly restrictive requirement to change (only during elections via 3/4 majority vote). The changing of the mailing address should be allowed to be a fluid process based on the current business environment. The bylaws should however require the board to post the mailing address publicly for all members’ knowledge.

Why leave it: There isn’t much of a good reason for leaving it as is. If the club ends up purchasing actual property, then specifying a permanent mailing address in the bylaws should be revisited. At that point it would make sense to consult members before selling/moving property.

Bylaw change 2

Current bylaw: None

Proposed Change: “In the event that ALL board positions remain vacant after an election, a committee will be formed to determine NVC’s future. This committee will consist of the outdoor league coordinator, an outdoor night coordinator of the outdoor league coordinator’s choice, the head tournament director, an assistant tournament director of the head tournament director’s choice, and the last sitting president of NVC. If the last sitting president is incapable or unwilling to serve on the committee, the president shall be replaced via order of precedence defined in Article VI Section 3 Statement 5) for casting tie-breaking votes. If the outdoor league coordinator is unable or unwilling to serve then the longest tenured outdoor night coordinator shall assume that role. If the head tournament director is unwilling or unable to serve then the longest tenured assistant tournament director shall assume that role. The committee shall have the power to appoint a new board, suspend NVC operations for one year, or decide to dissolve the club and its assets in accordance with Amendment #1 of the bylaws.

Why change it: There are no clear guidelines in the bylaws on what actions should be taken if nobody is willing to serve on the board of directors. Though the bylaws clearly state how the club’s assets should be dissolved, there is no guidance on who is responsible for both the decision and overseeing the process. Though this scenario is unlikely, it is not impossible to see all current members of the board resigning due to fatigue or other factors with no new volunteers willing to take their place. Forming a committee of volunteers from the club’s two most popular and profitable functions (outdoor leagues and tournaments) will put the future of the club in the hands of volunteers that oversee the functions of the club that make the business viable. They can then make an educated decision on whether the club should dissolve or if new leadership personnel can be recruited to continue the business. If the business sits idle with nobody to oversee it, NVC may run afoul of legal and financial troubles taking the decision of dissolving the club out of the hands of its members. Having a specific course of action laid out for an unlikely event also reduces the chances that the club could be overtaken or harmed through ambiguity in leadership.

Why it shouldn’t change: No guidelines means no direction, and in some cases this could be a benefit. With no clear rules on what course the club takes, there is enough ambiguity to allow volunteers to do what is necessary to keep the club operating without running afoul of the bylaws