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Looking for subs?!? Join Discord!

By NVC, 05/31/23, 11:00PM EDT


NVC is excited to be adapting to the  times and use Discord as our primary way of looking for subs for league play! 

As a reminder to all league players, you are required to find your own Subs. Your sub must be of equivalent skill level or lower. There are several ways to get subs in the league. Here is a rundown of possible avenues of getting a sub:

  1. Discord, Text, Email, or Call
  2. Ask someone in person at league. This is the easiest and most direct way
  3. You may also text or e-mail players individually by checking the bye schedule and going to the link below and contact the players directly. Start with requesting subs within your leagues. If no one is available within your league, contact players from equal or lower level leagues from any league night. 
  4. Inform your league director you have been unable to find a sub, they will help!
  5. If unable to find a sub, inform the teams you will be competing against well before the league night starts to avoid an infraction within the league

Looking to join discord? Follow the following instructions to do so:

  1. Download Discord App
  2. Connect to the NVC Discord Server Through the QR Code below
  3. Find the Channel for the night you are playing
  4. Select The color code for the league you are participating in
  5. Do the same for any additional nights you are playing
  6. You are all set!
  • Use @ symbology to message folks within your league and find your sub and use the space to socialize!
  • For Example if you Play Mens Open on Mondays, Enter the Mondays channel and Type @MensOpen “Hey folks looking for someone to sub for me next Monday, is anyone available?
  • This will message your league and get you prompt responses from other league members!

Use the invite link below to join NVC Discord

NVC Discord QR Code Invite