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By NVC, 04/07/21, 3:00PM EDT


Hey club members,
NVC has great news. We have received city and state approval to conduct beach leagues this summer!!! Registration for the 2021 beach season will be available soon. Leagues will be similar to previous years, played at Eastons Beach and Narragansett Town Beach. We will have fours and doubles. So this means that it is time to knock off some of that volleyball rust and start looking for partners!!!
NVC is following state guidelines to implement policies to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 between players. Note, You must agree to abide by the following policies in order to participate in any beach leagues this summer.
• Stay home if having any covid-19 symptoms.
• Inform league director of sickness.
• Inform league director if you experience covid-19 symptoms after the league night.
• Inform league directors of any subs being requested.
• Sanitize hands before entering beach and specifically before grabbing NVC equipment. (Hand Sanitizer will be provided by NVC)
• Social distance when at all possible, this excludes warming up and playing volleyball.
• This refers to no gathering in parking lot, at beach entrance, in bathrooms, near NVC van, on beach, etc.
• Wear mask at all times including warming up and playing volleyball.
• No high five with players. (we know this one is hard)
• Clean up all trash brought onto the beach.
• Sanitize/Wipe down volleyball before returning to NVC equipment van. (Sanitizer and wipes will be provided by NVC)
Any player DELIBERATELY violating these policies may be suspended from the league until a disciplinary committee can be formed to asses their actions.
NOTE: COVID-19 may have a long incubation period. A player who participates in league and is unknowingly infected does not fall under this category, as long as they notify their league director once they know. Disciplinary actions are reserved for anyone who attempts to conceal their illness, thereby knowingly putting other players at risk.
Note: We understand that wearing masks while warming up and playing may be uncomfortable, however in order to receive state approval to conduct leagues we needed to agree to wear masks at all times. Per State direction, this was non-negotiable. We hope you can understand and be flexible this year. Hopefully next year we will be closer to our normal playing habits.
Thank you all and can't wait to see you on the beach!