Saturday Tournaments

For the opening of Monday morning online registration, 3 nets each will be allocated to the following divisions: Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's AA, Women's AA, Men's A, and Women's A.  1 net each will be allocated for Men's B and Women's B.

Obviously, this will leave plenty of nets and beach space to add additional courts.  Monday evening, the registrations will be "cleansed" and the tournament expanded.  Duplicate team entries, team entries with one partner listed, and entries from teams that didn't make an online payment will be deleted.  

Additional nets will then be assigned, according to the following system: first-come, first-served complete pools (4 or 5 teams) will be taken off of the waitlist and put into the tournament based on the time of payment recorded in the AVPA database.  Divisions will be capped at 5 maximum nets.  If, on Thursday prior to the event, there are available nets and all other divisions' waitlists have been satisfied (meaning that all complete pools from waitlists have been been given nets), divisions may expand past the 5 net limit.